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How to Buy the Right Photo Paper to Print Amazing Photographs?

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What is the best photo paper for you? This is one of the most common questions frequently asked by a number of people who are thinking of printing pictures at home. Well, finding the right type of paper entirely depends on the printing needs at the time. In simpler words, best is almost never the correct terminology, as it certainly depends on the printing needs at the time. You may find certain option ideal at the moment and inappropriate the next time around, and vice versa. Actually, the best photo paper is one that does that job on the right for an affordable price tag, no more no less. This blog is not about recommending one brand or one model over the other, rather this post is surrounded on the comparison of various options to get the right one.

Primarily Use

Photo paper is used in a whole host of applicants for printing images of your latest holiday or family occasion, to print office chart and graphs, etc. In order to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to match the type of photo paper and size to its intended use. Whether you need A3 photo paper or plain paper, this entirely depends on the fact you need it for what purpose.

120 gsm to 150 gsm photo paper

These are often a budget choice option used for printing photographs that you do not intend to keep for long. When held, these feel like a thicker version of your normal printer paper, but these should be mistaken for plain paper as these are coated with an inkjet layer to absorb ink without bleeding over. Many photo paper of this size comes as a double sided as they are often used for flyer creation or brochure.

150 gsm to 200 gsm photo paper

As the paper weight increases in terms of gsm, the paper feels heavier to touch and more often used for image reproduction. Sizes will include the complete spectrum of photo paper sizes from the normal sized to heavier option – 6×4 photo papers.

200 gsm to 300 gsm photo paper

These are often the heaviest photo papers that your printer can use while still being able to handle it without jamming. As the weight changes and you will notice a significant price change, when compared to the lighter options. The weight of the paper makes it an ideal option for the invitation and greeting card paper.

If you are looking for a paper to print an image that can be framed into a photo album for a keepsake, best photo paper in your case is logically the heavier than A4 photo paper. On the other hand, in case you want a paper for just printing office report that has no purpose beyond the event, you can for a light weighted option.

Apart from the weight, it is the paper finish that plays a major role in selecting the right type of printing sheet.

What Type of Paper Finish You Want?

One of the most important aspects that should be considered while evaluating the quality of a certain photo paper is determining its quality based on the finish. Well, the choice of finish over the other is entirely dependent on the personal taste and use of the paper. As simple as it is! Here is a list of popular options available in the market.


There are different names given to this type of finished paper such as semi-gloss, pearl, and satin. It has a low level of glare and, you can find this type of finish in distinct paper sizes such as A3 photo paper, A6 photo paper, etc.


Next on the last is matt. It differs from the other finishes as it includes zero amount of glare. Moreover, it goes through a distantly different chemical procedure. And, due to its chemical process, experts struggle with the fact of considering it as photo paper or high res printer paper.


The most common option available in the market is the glossy sheet, which can be found in different levels of glossiness depending on the brands.

When it comes to buying the right photo paper, it is really important to keep these factors in the mind. Moreover, you should have a clear idea about your printing need to get the best paper for printing your documents or photographs. For instance, you need A5 photo paper and glossy paper to print photographs for your album. Hence, knowing your printing needs is really an essential aspect associated with the task of finding the right printing product.

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