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Is your Photo Paper right? Key Tips for Selection

A good quality paper printer is important. If want to keep up the level of your pictures, your choice of paper will play a crucial role. Although there is not much difference between photo paper and photo printing paper, one must have professional knowledge about all types of paper. Professional photographers have the knowledge and experience to select the right paper. The good part is that a layman can never make out how much technology and science is used in a photo.

metalic photo paper

Let’s unveil some of the points that will help you in selecting the right paper. There is a range of papers available including glossy, matte, and others.

Matte Paper

A good matte paper offers a better contrast to make the image darker black in looks. A quality photo paper gives a finer detail than a glossy matte, giving a clear picture. This photo type creates less distracting reflections on a photo.


Another good paper for a photo. Whether you want an a5 photo paper for your picture or an a5, the canvas is something that you can go for. It offers similar look that of a matte paper giving a decent color and contrast to the picture. In this type, the colors appear vibrant from distance, which may affect the picture. It’s true that canvas has a rough texture, so it requires extra care to hang it to dry up.

Gloss and Semi-gloss

Many novice photographers use this type of photo paper due to the rich crème colors it brings to the picture. Semi-gloss papers are perfect for an event including wedding, formal gathering and more. However, there are some low points that this type of picture has in it. The photos look obscure due to the reflection it gives to the image. If your work is more about framing clicks to pictures, and changing them to papers, it makes every sense to choose this. If you want a shiny look for your photos, gloss and semi-gloss are simply perfect for you. On the contrary, if you do not want to make an immense impact on your pictures this type might be too much for you.

Art Paper

If you choose art papers, it presents quality of matte paper that often looks flawless with a fair amount of texture, like water paper. This type of paper has a varying degree of colors and contrasts, giving a different overall look. The images with broad areas similar to flat color like landscapes work extensively well on these papers. Photographers who want to click for landscape style must prefer this photo paper.

What is Whiteness of Papers?

Some people add whitening to the paper in order to make them whiter. Well, there is nothing wrong in using a white paper, but they change their color. However, such papers may change their color from white to pale yellow. This affects the overall picture. In short, choose pictures that do not possess artificial brighteners.

Keep the cost in mind

Before doing any kind of purchase, evaluate the price of the paper that will help you select the right paper. The cost will have a significant impact on the investment; photo papers have a range of difference in their prices.

Choosing the right photo paper is extremely important. You might not be sure about the quality of the paper and its features, so, the best way is to ask for assistance from professionals. Shopping for the right paper is crucial. Do not let your working hamper due to the paper. Be smart! Choose right!

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