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Popular Photo Paper and its Features

Not all photo papers are the same! And, you will find a wide range available these days. If you are a neophyte, you might spend time searching for a good camera, whereas you need to focus on the type of photo paper. Starting from a3 photo paper to any others, a neophyte has to select the one that suits its subject for photography. If you are someone, who want to make the picture perfect paper, the selection of the right one will play a key role.

Best Photo Paper

A photo paper is the high-resolution coated sheet available in different sizes. Such papers have the capacity to standby the massive amount of ink without affecting its quality.

Two things need to be considered before looking for an appropriate paper:

Finish and Brightness of the Paper: The paper’s brightness is one thing that determines the quality of the photo. Brightness highlights the picture, reflecting the lights on it. Whereas, paper finish describes the smoothness, which varies from one to another.

Absorption: Absorption works at the time of printing the paper. The ink is sprayed all over the surface of the picture, thus giving a photographic image on the paper.

How to Select Photo-printing Paper

There are different types in the market. Hence, sometimes it becomes difficult to select the most appropriate one. Whether you select a4, a5 photo paper, or any other type, you must know which suits you better. Here are some of the popular papers and their features:

Matte Paper:

This paper offers darker blacks, giving better contrast. A quality matte picture holds a finer detail than a glossy paper, which is used for images that need texture.

Canvas Paper:

This is another good type that makes an image better. Usually, it delivers a matte paper like texture to the picture, but comparatively, canvas colors look more vibrant when observed from a distance. This one has a rough texture on its surface so it needs more maintenance than others do.

Gloss and Semi-gloss:

Yes, this is true that novice likes this type the most, the reason being the fascinating color and spark it has on the image. The ‘rich’ color it has on the image looks truly gorgeous, giving an appealing look on the picture. However, a glossy photo paper does not suit everywhere. For example, a glossy image with a glass frame is a big ‘no’. If you have some experience in the photographic industry, you will understand that glossy paper is not a ‘yes’ for every occasion. Moreover, not all pictures need to show off, so, select appropriately.

Art Paper:

This photo paper delivers a matte finish more like watercolor paper. This paper offer varying degree of color and contrast, making the picture look different. In this, some of the paper might give a painterly look, while others offer a yellow and beige look on the images. Flat color images look extremely well on this type.

Silk Paper:

This paper offers a vintage and refined look, which adds spark to the occasion, giving a thick weight and a mild reflection on the picture.

Metallic Paper:

New in the market, the metallic one makes the image sparkle. It is a photo paper that gives sheen look for a stunning depth on it. In short, this one is a little more than the rest.

Every photo paper has different features that make them unique from the rest. However, your selection must be according to your project and need. Select the most desirable paper and put an impact in your work.

Good luck!

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