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Top Guidelines To Selecting Photo Paper You Must Know

Top Guidelines To Selecting Photo Paper You Must Know

The basic aim of photography papers is to produce a high-quality image that matches a photographer’s need. Whether using A4 photo paper or any other, the quality of the photo depends on the type of printer, type of ink used and on the type of photo paper.

Laser Vs Inkjet Photo Paper

Inkjet technology is one of the most widely adopted technologies in professional printing community. Although laser is great in terms of speed but lacks accuracy that is required for high-quality photography. The laser uses CMYK colours, which are powder-like substance, whereas, inkjet same colour through liquid ink form that is delivered through inkjet forms.

Printer Profiles and Photo Paper Brands

You will not face any problem in printer’s compatibility, as most printers do not have a problem in printing. Even if you own a manufacturer’s brand in printing, it does not limit you to its range of printed media. For instance, a printer from HP will support its range of papers as well as papers produced by other manufacturers. All you need to do is decide in the settings during the printing process, where you can easily decide finish, quality, size and other printing attributes. You can use the printer’s brand for paper, in which you will not need to change the settings. Some manufacturers and professional niche players like Innova, Ilford, etc. also provide with a colour profile file that makes the selection easy. When doing research, keep an open mind for options to create your photo paper better in every aspect.

Finishing the Photo Paper

The first and the most important aspect of a photo paper is its finish. It is a translucent coating that is designed to enhance the finishing of the paper, which otherwise appears dull. The most common options of you could find is matte, glossy, satin and pearl and luster. Here are some of its features:

  1. Matte: This type of paper lacks glossiness. The lack of finish makes the paper less cheap and more affordable. And, this is the reason behind this paper being used in brochures and flyer printings.
  2. Matte-PaperGlossy: One of the most widely used finishes is this type of paper. The glossiness of the paper varies from normal to high. The shine makes the photography difficult at times as shows even the smallest detail of the photography.
  3. Glossy Photo Paper Satin: This photo paper comes somewhere between the glossy and the matte. Some photographers for a specific kind of photo use this paper.

The quality of a photo is measured in instant dry-factors, colour range and more. A photographer uses those papers that are right according to their need and preference. Whether you select A2 photo paper or any other, keep in mind the kind of requirement you have. The coating of the photo papers plays a crucial role it segregates each paper from another. Every photographer has something in mind before selecting the photo paper. Be clear about your ideas and you will always achieve what you want.

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