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A3 Photo Paper

A3 Photo Paper

When your thinking… hey I want my prints bigger and more expressive, have you ever thought to buy A3 photo paper? Not only will your prints be much larger, well in fact it will measure in at 29.7cm x 42.0cm or if you want the size of A3 in inches it is 11.69 inches x 16.54 inches. They will also give you that extra wow factor, especially if you are feeling very colourful and want to splash all the colours of the rainbow on your photo paper.

So why use A3 photographic paper? Well it will certainly give you a lot more print coverage than the smaller sizes of paper so if you are looking to print a family portrait, what would look much better above your fireplace than a nice A3 size framed photograph. Anything smaller would simply looked lost on a large space.

Types of A3 Photographic Paper

There are many different types of A3 photo paper which have several different coatings and base paper content. The most common type is a cast coated paper, which is a lot cheaper to buy and is great for using as an everday paper for the photography enthusiast, art and craft or for home use.

The other type is Resin Coated which has a different base paper and coating which is mainly used for the more professional look and feel as you would get with photo paper. This of course comes at a cost and can be more than twice the price of cast coated paper.


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