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Top Guidelines To Selecting Photo Paper You Must Know

Top Guidelines To Selecting Photo Paper You Must Know

The basic aim of photography papers is to produce a high-quality image that matches a photographer’s need. Whether using A4 photo paper or any other, the quality of the photo depends on the type of printer, type of ink used and on the type of photo paper.

Laser Vs Inkjet Photo Paper

Inkjet technology is one of the most widely adopted technologies in professional printing community. Although laser is great in terms of speed but lacks accuracy that is required for high-quality photography. The laser uses CMYK colours, which are powder-like substance, whereas, inkjet same colour through liquid ink form that is delivered through inkjet forms.

Printer Profiles and Photo Paper Brands

You will not face any problem in printer’s compatibility, as most printers do not have a problem in printing. Even if you own a manufacturer’s brand in printing, it does not limit you to its range of printed media. For instance, a printer from HP will support its range of papers as well as papers produced by other manufacturers. All you need to do is decide in the settings during the printing process, where you can easily decide finish, quality, size and other printing attributes. You can use the printer’s brand for paper, in which you will not need to change the settings. Some manufacturers and professional niche players like Innova, Ilford, etc. also provide with a colour profile file that makes the selection easy. When doing research, keep an open mind for options to create your photo paper better in every aspect.

Finishing the Photo Paper

The first and the most important aspect of a photo paper is its finish. It is a translucent coating that is designed to enhance the finishing of the paper, which otherwise appears dull. The most common options of you could find is matte, glossy, satin and pearl and luster. Here are some of its features:

  1. Matte: This type of paper lacks glossiness. The lack of finish makes the paper less cheap and more affordable. And, this is the reason behind this paper being used in brochures and flyer printings.
  2. Matte-PaperGlossy: One of the most widely used finishes is this type of paper. The glossiness of the paper varies from normal to high. The shine makes the photography difficult at times as shows even the smallest detail of the photography.
  3. Glossy Photo Paper Satin: This photo paper comes somewhere between the glossy and the matte. Some photographers for a specific kind of photo use this paper.

The quality of a photo is measured in instant dry-factors, colour range and more. A photographer uses those papers that are right according to their need and preference. Whether you select A2 photo paper or any other, keep in mind the kind of requirement you have. The coating of the photo papers plays a crucial role it segregates each paper from another. Every photographer has something in mind before selecting the photo paper. Be clear about your ideas and you will always achieve what you want.

How to Create Amazing Stuff with a Magnetic Paper A4 at Your Home? Excited Much?

Have you ever thought of printing your perfect shot at your home? Do you think that is a tough row to hoe as you have no idea what type of photo paper to buy? If your answer to all this is yes, you will be contented to know it is really really simple to print pictures at home on various photograph papers. Simple! Well, a photo paper is designed to produce a high-quality image in an effort to transform a captured moment into a beautiful picture. Finding the right type of paper, ink, and printer, play a major role in the printing a quality photograph.

photo paper

Inkjet magnetic paper is relatively a new product; it is a truly a fantastic product that can be used for n- number of printing purposes. Moreover, it can be used for various home decor purposes such as creating messages, wall hanging, and craft purpose, are some to name. The A4 magnetic paper comes with a glossy as well as matt finish, so you can add that desired finish to a picture. Agreed?

As the back of each sheet is magnetic, you can easily fix the sheet to a door of the fridge, or any other metal objects. Interesting? Because the magnetic paper A4 can be cut down to any size using scissors or rotary cutter knife on a cutting board, you are able to fit a number of designs on one sheet thereby printing cost effectively low.

magnetic paper a4

How to Create the Design?

  • You can get as creative as you want to be with your designs. You can include images, textures, and of course both.

  •  You can use specific software to produce printable designs, if you are willing to use it, you can use any word processor such as MS Office.
  •  You must know about the configuration of your printer, so you know how to reap the best results from it.
  •  In case you are happy with the designs, you can get a test page printed by using a normal paper. This will prevent you from wasting your expensive matte photo paper. So, any day it is a great idea.

Now, the question arises how to print high-definition pictures at home. It’s not rocket science.

How to Print?

1. You need to be sure whether you need a glossy or matt effect for your pictures; you can buy the right one for your creative pictures.

2. Always use the highest resolution paper to get the desired results

3. Make it a point that you print it on the correct side.

4. Let it dry! You must leave the printout for a few minutes, before touching print.

5. After it is dry, you can cut out the printout according to your picture need.

Once you know how about printing pictures on magnetic matt photo paper, you can fetch jaw-dropping results. Let’s explore some creative ideas to produce extraordinary stuff at home. Showcase your creativity!

  • Magnetic Family Photos

Do you love to display your beautiful family pictures around the home, but you don’t have enough space to frame these, magnetic fridge sticker can be a great idea. Wow! All you need to do is print your favorite pictures at your magnetic paper, and just cut them and display them on places of your choice, be it fridge or filing cabinet. Well, if you want to get a little more creative, and make the best out of today’s technology, you can go for UV coat magnetic sheets.

  • Save holidays cards

There are many just like you who stick those wedding invitations on the fridge to help you remember send a gift to make plans regarding attending the special day. But the time you open and close the refrigerator door fall off completely, you can go for magnetic stickers that can be printed on magnetic paper a4. Great idea?

  • Car Magnets

You can offer your car a personal and creative touch by printing your desired logo or print on inkjet magnetic sheets, and using them as stickers for your car. These are less expensive than vehicle wraps as these are easy to produce at home without any effort. It’s a piece of cake!

Well, using magnetic paper for decorating your home with your personal touch is a great idea. But, if you want to products amazing product at your home, all you need is an out-of-the-box idea, ace quality paper, avant-grade printer, and definitely the right technique. Icing on the cake, there are various stores which offer several printing accessories such as printing paper, ink cartridge refill, etc. Stir your creativity to produce amazing magnetic stickers.

Impact of Photo Paper in Print Quality

Photo paper plays a key role in the print quality of a photo. Have you seen one looking better than the other? Have you ever noticed why there is a difference between the qualities of two photos? If made with inkjet photo paper, these are impressive than other photos, the reason being the quality of the paper. This is why people spend so much on fancy papers.

However, a paper is just a paper. How can it even put a significant difference on the appearance of the picture? Here are some differences on types of photo paper, how it affects printing, and how you can develop an impressive one?

Do photo Paper Charge too much?

photo paper

Home printing usually increases the overall cost of an image due to cartridge inks. No doubt, a good photo paper will give everything that you might need to beautify it. In fact, they eliminate the solve problems that an image might have. As they offer a high quality picture, most of these are quite expensive than the ordinary one.

Features of Photo Paper

Photo paper has some features that influence the quality of images.

Weight: The density of photo paper is not the same to typing paper. Say, a retail one with 30 pounds density will not be same to the density of 30 pounds typing paper. It is easy to distinguish between ordinary paper and colossal, magnetic photo paper and others.

Brightness: The quantity of light reflected on a blank paper is termed as brightness. The better the color range, the brighter the page. Brightness helps the colors to scatter, giving a high degree of contrast. Further, this improves the print quality of the image. Usually, the brightness of 90 is considered good enough for a typing paper.

Whiteness: Whiteness is often mixed with brightness. Whiteness ranges in the complexion of the paper. Photo papers have a variety of complexion including blue, yellow, off white, and more. Preference of the photo paper varies according to the need of a photographer. Your choice of the paper will also influence its printing.

Gloss: You must have noticed a bright coat in some of the pictures. This is because of the photo papers have a shiny coating that is often used in inkjet printers.

Are Coated Papers Better?


The wet ink of a printer flows from high concentration to low concentration area. Inkjet printers put ink on the paper in small portions. Due the change from high to low, ordinary photo paper images aren’t as clear as the coated ones. These papers are chemically treated with the problem that is why they provide evenly distributed ink all over the paper. This paper type has the tendency to absorb the inks, easily, giving a refined image. Moreover, these images stay clean and settled for a longer duration.

Choice of paper will affect the printing, intensively. You must keep your requirements in mind to get exactly what you desire from your photo.

How to Get Right Quality Print?

The quality of photographs depends on the type of printer, link, and of course, quality of photo paper. Photograph quality papers are designed to offer high quality photos to the customers. Many technical aspects are considered for the designing process. However, beside the paper quality, printers too perform a major role in delivering a quality photo.

Which one is better – Laser or Inkjet

Inkjet or Laser

The professionals prefer selecting inkjet over laser printers. In terms of speed, laser printer is far better than inkjet, but when accuracy, quality comes in, it isn’t much favored. Another reason why professionals prefer inkjet is that inkjet uses liquid printer while laser uses CMYK. Moreover, inkjet delivers ink in small jets (small intervals) with 2880Dpi whereas another one gives only 720Dpi. This shows that all parameters behind the popularity of inkjet.

Here are some tips that will help you get right features.

Need of Archival Permanence

With the modernization in the field of photography, printing plays a key role in offering quality photos. Although with each succeeding year, the printing has improved to a new level. With the development in photography, archival permanence came into existence. Earlier, photos used to fade away within a very short span of time, but now it is not the same case. The prints made with archival or non-archival prints have a minimum life span of 10 years. Isn’t this great?

Choose the Right Printer

This task will certainly won’t be easy. If you are sending your print of photography to a lab, you don’t need to buy a printer yourself. But, if want to buy a printer, keep certain things in mind. Collect information about which ink you need, the maximum size of paper used by the printer, maximum tolerance of the printer needed. To direct inkjet photo paper, you must know all the dimensions of the printer. To select the right one, check the manual or the website.

Select the Right Paper

To get the right quality print, paper plays a key role. The first thing that a customer looks is at the paper. It enhances the appearance of the photo. Different photo types offer distinguishing looks, giving the customer a wide choice to select amongst matt, satin, glossy and luster.

Matt: Depends of the subject of choice, whether to use this paper or not. It lacks the perfect finish, which makes it slightly cheaper than other papers.

Glossy: The most widely used type of paper. It offers the perfect finish with a chemical coating over it. The best part is that its glossiness comes to various degrees, making it even more preferable.

Satin: It comes somewhere between the matt and the glossy. It has some features of the glossy paper, but can’t be taken as the same. It is usually called as the ‘semi-glossy’ paper. Certain brands use it to provide affordable papers.

Luster: Giving the pearl effect to a photograph, this type of photo paper is used by the professionals.

Paper Weight

Depending on the usage, the weight of the photo paper depends on person to person. There is less connection between the thickness and the quality of the photo. The photo is used by gram per square meter denoted by GSM. Often, higher GSM is used for cards printing and not for photographs.

It takes many things into consideration to select the right photo paper. The features stated above will help you make a better choice.

An Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Premium Inkjet Paper

Photographs are like preserving a moment for an eternity so that it can be cherished later. If you are planning to print your perfect shot at home, you can easily do it with the help of an avant-garde printer and a premium quality paper. Photographic photo papers like premium glossy paper or stain paper are exclusively designed to produce an amazing quality image in an effort to better reproduce the photographed object.


Well, the right paper will mark the difference between a good photograph and an exceptional one. The printing paper will dictate the outcome, and not to forget your printer and your skills. At the time of buying a photo printing paper, there are a number of aspects that need to be considered, as the wrong one can completely ruin your beautiful pictures.

The most significant thing here – do you want your images to have texture on the page? Do you want glossy paper or more of a matte feel? Stepping up to true photo-quality artwork needs quality photographic paper, which can be generally categorised into three categories.

  • Resin-coated Photo Paper
  • Matte Photo Paper
  • High-gloss Photo Paper
  1. High-gloss Photo Paper


It feels more like a sheet of weighty stock matte paper rather than the actual photo paper. Generally speaking, it is a cheaper option than other premium inkjet papers available in the market, but it offers more colour vividness than matte photo sheet. If you are still not sure whether or not it is a good option to print pictures at home, exploring some more information can surely be a great help.


  • Semi-water resistant due to top coat
  • Fast drying because ink settles in top layer
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Heavier stock makes it easier to handle
  • Better brightness than matter photo paper


  • Produces faded pictures
  • Not a good option for pigment ink
  • Picture may lose sharpness due to ink bleed

2. Matte Photo Paper

This is one of the most popular papers used by a number of people willing to print pictures at home, but amazing ones. Matte paper is a well-suited option to those who want the widest viewing angles. But, not to miss that lack of glossy finish means that you are not going to get any glare. Hence, it is a perfect choice for white and black pictures or for a newspaper effect. If you want to print photographs for your album, you can go for a 4×6 matte photo paper. The finish of the paper majorly depends on the brand you choose. With that said, you need to understand its advantages and disadvantages.




  • Compatible with a variety of printer and large pigment molecules will be directly absorbed into paper.
  • Quick-drying because ink absorbed into the paper pulp.


  • Prints will feel light due to a lack of a paper base.
  • Paper is easy to tear and crinkle
  • Less sharp images

3. Resin-Coated Photo Paper

Do you want to get the best quality photo printed at home? The ultimate solution to this is going for resin-coated photo paper. Perhaps, it is one of the most expensive sheets, but the results that you will fetch are beyond your expectation. This is out of the simplest reason that it offers your pictures a soul with high-quality colour finish and sharpness. That is tough to find in any other printing sheet, and it is better than premium glossy paper. Moreover, it is also waterproof which is like the icing on the cake.  Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this paper.


  • High-quality vividness
  • Waterproof
  • Almost perfect saturation
  • Resistant to tears and kinks
  • Brighter white than matte photo paper
  • Sharpest detail


  • Expensive in comparison to other paper

The other two types of papers are stain and luster that are quite popular among the professional photographers. But, you can also use them for outstanding printing results. When you talk about premium luster photo paper, it has a satin finish with a textured feel. In simple words, it has a delicate texture that makes your picture more special after printing.

Since photographs something that keep your memories alive, it means you can’t really make a mistake in selecting a premium inkjet paper. You don’t want to mess up with your memories. Do you? So, be a smart buyer, and opt for a reputable online store offering different printing papers, ink cartilages, ink refill tools and accessories, etc. All the best!

Photo Paper Prints or Press Prints: Which one is better for Photographers?

Haply, only a professional photographer can understand the importance of a good printing a4 photo paper. After all, their hard-earned work is going to be printed on those printing photo papers. So, what all they want is to print their work on some high-quality papers, which can show up their work perfectly.

But, hey there, there are some of the most magnificent print products available in the market these days. Don’t get confused in reaching the best one that can print your work in the best way. Mainly there are photographic paper print and press prints that can be used to get your work done. But, how do you choose one out of them?

Well, for that you have to understand the difference between them first.

So, without much ado, let’s take a look here!

1. They Are Different, Like Completely Different!



For those who are new to photography or the world of photo paper, let us tell you that both the photographic paper print and the press print are different from each other. Like 180 degrees across the board different. And, these differences can be found out right there at the very foundation of the prints.

Yes, we are talking about the methodology that is used to make them. Photographic print is sensitive. And, exposing it to the light inside the printer creates the image. Whereas, press prints, on the other hand, are created applying ink directly to the paper.

So, there is a lot of difference between both papers, which everyone must understand before using these papers.

2. Color Array

Images that are reproduced as press products are printed in CMYK color space, whereas images that are produced as photographic prints are usually printed in SRGB color space.

As, there are more colors available with photographic printing as compared to the other one, most of the photographers prefer working with the photographic one.

3. Imaging & Printing Differs as Well


Photographic Prints: When it comes to photographic printing, there is a zilch usage of ink. Single-sided, light sensitive papers are exposed to light, treated, and then dried properly. The light sensitive paper is loaded into light sensitive boxes that feed into the printers. And, once the paper is inside the printer, the picture is exposed to that paper using either the laser light source or an LED. Now, the paper is finally treated chemically, to remove the sensitivity. Yay, the paper is ready for use!

Press Prints: This method, on the other hand, prints on the card stock, which is not light sensitive. And, therefore, the images can be printed on both the sides using ink, of course. After the paper is inserted into the printer, the ink is finally transferred to the paper using the magnetic ink transfer technology.

So, now you know the difference between them. We hope that it would be easy for you to understand, which one is better for your photography business. Well, as we know you should surely pick the photographic prints, as it is an appropriate thing for your photographs. Of course, press media is also important, but it has its own uses.
But, when it comes to photography, only photographic prints will result in the best…

So, go ahead, and start getting clear and high-quality photo paper prints today!

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Ink Cartridges Online

If you have a computer and paperwork daily, then obviously, having a printer is a necessity for you. Depends on how much printing is done, you purchase ink cartridges often. Buying ink cartridges is an eye-opening experience. Here you need to consider quality and quantity together, through which, you decide which one to buy. Somewhere, you find its price quite high. This is because there are some requirements, on which you don’t keep an eye and buy them right away.


And, these requirements are not fulfilled, due to the following five mistakes:

  1. Neglecting the Manual


Buying ink cartridges online simply make you view just the image of the product. In this way, you don’t read what is written on the manual. Well, it is crucial to read the owner’s manual that came with your printer for compatibility. Every printer comes with software, which has the manual. If you don’t find it while buying, ask for it.

  1. Not Verifying Printer Model and Cartridge Number before shopping


By keeping the store clerk from undue stress, bring along the cartridge number or model number of the printer. It can make the shopping process quick and easy. Always go through it once. You should know that that at the back of the devices, brand, model, and serial number information on small stickers are always available on small stickers.

  1. Looking for Wrong Ink for the Project


While choosing ink cartridges, it is crucial to select the ink type for the print jobs. There are pigment-based and dye-based inks. You should know about them, otherwise, it could be a costly mistake. So, while looking for them online, read all the purposes and then decide which one to buy.

  1. Going Cheap While Refilling


It sounds that it should work, but home cartridge refill kits rarely give the expected results. It doesn’t mean that the concept is flawed. Refill cartridges can work appropriately if filled by the companies that have accurate industrial grade equipment for a perfect job. And, if this also doesn’t work, then only go for the refill kits.

  1. Paying Much


Price is a major thing to consider while buying. The common mistake that people think they should buy from the printer’s manufacturers. This is not necessary. There are several good replacement cartridges for your best choices. You can find the products within your budget that there is no need to pay extra.

What’s next? Be smart while shopping online for ink cartridges for the next time!

Create Photo Magnets with These Amazing DIY Tips

Create Photo Magnets with These Amazing DIY Tips

“It is great when you win it”- A well said quote by conventional eBay commercials. It truly says that everything looks great when you made it on your own. And thus, when you apply the same for pictures by using magnetic photo sheets, it enhances your creative skills. Thus, if you are looking for making a photo magnet on your own, you must consider the following tips to draw together all that unforgettable memories:

A4 ADH Backed Sheet 004

What Will You Need?

  • Adhesive magnet paper of approx 8.5”X11” photo paper
  • Photo Paper of size 8.5”X11”
  • Ink & printer
  • Scissor, paper trimmer, Xacto Knife, and Silhouette Cameo

After collecting all these, kick off your task with the following steps:

  1. Collect Photos


Whether you are creating a photo magnet for a Christmas or for any other occasion, pick the photos that remain memorable to you. Use all your social accounts and download them in high resolutions.

  1. Crop Photos

Do editing part with high-quality tools like Photoshop or Canva or a plethora of apps on your Smartphone. But, make sure that you are professional in this otherwise photos won’t look original. If you are new to this, study the basic guidelines before starting with any editing software. Take the help of your friend if anyone has basic knowledge about it.

  1. Print Photo

As you have edited all your photos in one sheet, save the photo and print it. Here you need to consider the quality of a paper on which you are going to print it. Photo paper needs to be perfect and compatible to image resolutions. Also, set the accurate size that the paper covers the whole edited image.


  1. Use Inkjet Printer

An inkjet printer is a reliable tool for your printing quality. Moreover, it works wonderfully for your nice and funny photos to turn out in best frame.

  1. Cut Photos Square Out

As your main aim is to make photo magnets, cut out all the photos square carefully. Note down the dimensions of each photo for sticking them on magnetic sheets.

  1. Use Magnetic Photo Sheets

Take the magnetic sheet of the size your printed-paper was. Make the square (printed image size) on it with the Silhouette tools or any other. Post every photo on each square and cut them. Take help for this if you are unable to cut the photos properly.

  1. Place Magnets to Your Refrigerators and Enjoy!

Oh, wow! Your photo magnets are created and ready to display on refrigerators, dishwasher, and whiteboards or wherever you wish to.

You won’t believe that how easy this task is. Even, it produces a great gift idea too. These magnetic sheets create a very strong bond with photos and have a strong hold on them.

So, keep on enjoying these inexpensive ideas for photo papers with Go Inkjet!

All You Need to Know About Premium Photo Papers

This is a quick guide to delivering error-free photos, even when you have no one to suggest you for a right one. Selecting a perfect cover type and paper is important, especially when it comes to a beautiful look of a magazine or any of your projects with pictures. Are you thinking of adding up those glossy photo papers or more of a matte feeling to your required task? Do you wish to have one book with fine print that stands out among-st crowded bookshelves?


A lot of questions and doubts arise in people’s mind when they decide which paper is right for their project. Therefore, here are the basic choices for you to make your selection process simple and forthright:

Types of Photo Papers

  • Standard

It has smooth semi-matte finish with high quality and sustainability. This is good for every type of photo book or art book.

  • Premium Matte

Slightly sheen to a paper adds richness to its peel and finish. Premium matte is around 35% heavier and more opaque than the standard paper. Moreover, this paper is best for art books and photo books. However, drawing and paintings are presented better on it.

  • Premium Luster

With a hint of gloss on it, premium luster is around 35% heavier and slightly more opaque than the standard paper. It will benefit a heftier page with a little bit more gloss.


  • Proline Uncoated

It is an archival quality paper with an eggshell-textured uncoated finish. You can use this paper for printmaking, illustration, and watercolor painting as it is a marvelous paper for fine art projects. Also, it is a great choice for photography, especially when you want a more artisan look. It will aggravate grain.

  • Proline Pearl Photo

A premium semi-gloss photo papers produced for high-end photo books has a slightly glossier finish. This paper is utilized for photo books with bright colors, deep blacks, warm skin tones, and silvery grey. It appears as a traditional photo paper.

Not only this, you can have ultimate trade book print options-

  • Standard, Black and White: Good for books that don’t need much color but have lots of illustrations, line art, and graphics
  • Economy Black and White: Great for books having text in large is in need of such print
  • Standard Color: Suitable for books that contain any kind of paintings, photos, collage, illustrations, or graphics
  • Economy Color: Useful for books with graphics, vector art, and little pops of text color at a low cost

Don’t forget to make your best choice for magazine paper types

  • Economy: A paper with graphics, illustrations, and text
  • Premium: Fine for art magazines, fashion, comic books, and photography journals

One can explore a lot from amazing premium photo papers for their projects that somehow results in enhancing the productivity too.

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