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Trying Your Hand for Selecting the Right Photo-Printing Paper? 6 Key-points to Remember!

Investing in a good camera and printer is what will help you to get the quality of images you want. Besides this, don’t forget to select the right photo-printing paper for the high-quality images.
Here is a guide that will help you in making the selection.

Let us get started!

1.Paper finish

The first aspect that you need to consider is the finish of the paper. Different papers have different quality of finish thus providing a better image quality.

Following are a few paper finishes –


Images with rich colors are printed on a glossy photo paper. These are usually a choice of novice photographers because the glossy and shiny reflection of the paper gives an attractive look to the image. However, if you are thinking to get it framed you must reconsider your decision. This is because both the glass and glossy paper would turn off your eyes from the image. In such case, opting for other papers is a better decision.


For better contrasting images, matte paper is a good option to go with. The paper does not provide distracting reflections; perhaps it provides a finer detail image quality than the glossy paper.


Unlike to glossy paper, the canvas can be used for framing the images. The contrast and color quality of the paper reduces the distraction reflection of the image thus providing a more vibrant view from a distance. However, the only drawback of the paper is that if it comes in contact with the light when hung would create bumps on the image.

Art Paper

Lastly, the art paper is an ideal one as it has a blend of matte finish and good texture. The paper helps provide a great contrast and color thus providing a good look to the image. This is the reason why photographers use this paper for broad areas like landscapes.

2.Image longevity

Images when hung on the wall, starts to fade which makes it important for a photographer to pick the right paper that has the feature of longevity. Thus choosing a paper that has the combination of ink and paper quality is important in order to increase the durability of the image.

3.Paper Whiteness

Papers made by adding artificial brighteners tend to change color after sometime. Therefore, it becomes important for an individual to choose a paper that has natural whiteness effect.

4.Printer Settings and Profiles

Though paper quality does matter when requiring a quality image, yet the printer setting and profiles too play a crucial role. Different printers have different settings that needed to be checked before getting a quality image.

5.Contacting the Right Vender

Yes, you read it right! Vendor too plays an important role in obtaining quality images. After all, it’s the vendor who is responsible for providing the quality of a3 or other photo paper. Therefore, just as it is important to check the finishing, whiteness, and longevity of the paper, it is equally important to get in touch with the reputed vendor so that you can buy a good quality paper.

6.Cost of the paper

The cost of the paper factor does not emphasize on selecting a cheaper paper. Perhaps, it means selecting a paper with the combination of quality and affordability. After all, neither a cheaper paper serves the purpose and nor an expensive one can bring a difference to the quality of the image.

So, these are 6 key points that you need to consider when choosing the right photo-printer paper. Make sure you adhere to each point in order to get quality images that you want.

Exclusive Tips in Selecting the Right Photo Paper

Choosing the right photo paper isn’t easy. Isn’t it? To select the most appropriate one, you need to consider many aspects. Even the minute details of the paper are important and play a crucial role on the quality of th photo. The weight, brightness, finish, etc. are few things that hold much importance while selecting it.

If you got bored doing your hobby, here is a task for you. Check out which photo paper is right for your printer. If you ever step into a photo paper shop, you will see numerous types of paper available. However, if you are a neophyte, you might not end-up selecting the best one – the obvious reason being a lack of knowledge.

Indubitably, many people will guide you, but it is you, who have to make the final selection. Here are few tips that will help you in the selection process:

photo paper

Cheap Paper   

Firstly, check whether the printer’s manufacturer suggests any paper in the manual. If yes, see how what is its range, whether it is affordable or not. Secondly, if the third party’s paper is compatible with your printer or not. In order to save money, you can further save by printing double sided. Even A4 photo paper can be used as double-sided.

Weight of the Paper 

The weight of the paper is another important feature to be considered. A printer paper is measured in grams per square metre (gsm) – its heaviness related to its thickness. The standard type is the 80 gsm, which is suitable for everyday printing. If you need paper for official purpose, select paper between 100 to 120 gsm as it gives a better finish. Paper with more than 160 gsm is used especially for crafts and art.


Paper with high brightness defines or capacity of its reflection. Having high brightness, it correlates with the paper and the ink. The dearth of brightness on the paper makes the dark colour extremely dark and white colours look pale. This is something you need to be careful of. Therefore, make sure your select paper that has brightness ranging from 1 to 100.

Consider the Need 

Everyone’s need varies. You have to recognize your utility behind using a photo paper. If your idea behind photography is not professional, you can grab any paper even if it doesn’t come with a label. On the other hand, you can select a paper that has a brand label with perfect brightness and finishing. Selection of A4 photo paper or any other will be based on this.

Do not Swap 

This is important to consider. Do not swap between laser and ink jet printer. The reason behind this is that both the printers use contrasting printing technologies, which cannot be overlapped. And, the paper will not fulfill the aim when used interchangeably.

Usually, a laser printer is smooth and hard on the surface. Basically designed to handle the hard temperature to bind and turn out a clearer and sharper image. On the other hand, ink jet papers are coated with a substance to absorb ink and avoid blotting of to make the colour intense. Now, it is clear that you cannot mix both the papers.

You need to trust your skills to get the best paper for your work. Photo paper plays a crucial role in the photography. There is no harm in getting guidance from people; in fact, this will help you. The only thing that is important is not to follow it blindly.

Design your paper the way you want and take your profession to new heights.