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Nowadays its getting a lot more cost effective to set up your own personalised printing business using a dye sublimation printer and a heat press. OK so if its something your thinking about what would you need to think about buying?

Sublimation Printers

Why not take a look at some sublimation printers available from Epson and Ricoh these range from £150 including VAT typically for the Epson A4 version which uses refillable ink cartridges. The Ricoh sublimation printer is a more dedicated printer for the job in our opinion which also uses refillable dye sub cartridges. You can also choose the A3 versions available which would take you up to around the £900 mark. Something to consider when buying is how far you want to go in regards printing on sublimation blanks. Lets just say it wouldn’t be beneficial to just print mugs and purchase an A3 sublimation printer!

Heat Press

There are many heat presses you can take a look at purchasing, but as mentioned previously you should consider what it is you will be printing. You are typically looking at a mug press suitable for the obvious….printing mugs prices from £80+, swing or clam shell press priced at £150+ which is what you would use for heat pressing t shirts and other materials. You will have to have a look at the sizes of the presses as they will vary, also dependant on the size of garments or material you will be heat pressing. If you are looking to print onto caps, you can buy a cap press which will do the job perfectly. You will see a great deal of pricing difference for the range of heat presses on the market today, you can get manual or automatic heat presses so it would all depend on how much you want to spend and the quality of the heat press you are looking for.

Sublimation Paper and Heat Transfer Paper

To print on to sublimation blanks, you will need sheets of sublimation paper to initially print your image on to. Don’t forget you will need to reverse your image on the likes of mug printing and t shirt printing unless you want to be different of course! The picture will be printed on to the heat transfer paper or sublimation sheets and then you will attach this on to your blank securely prior to using the heat press to finish the sublimation process. Packs of sublimation paper are available from around £9+ for 100 sheets, don’t forget you can only print on one side of the paper which should be marked on the packs or you may get a different colour side which will show you which side to print on.

A4 Subllimation Paper

Well these are the typical requirements you will need of course you will need the dye sub ink and blanks but I’m sure you already are aware of that. Happy printing and good luck.